Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Where To Send Them Next?

You would think that adventure would be lurking around every corner, and mischief easy to get into, but it's not so easy as all that. Well, perhaps for the living it is, if you try very hard. But for fictional characters it's a waiting game. Waiting for the author to make up their mind as to which point on the map to send you, and just what kind of problems are waiting on the next page or chapter.

The next book in the Cozy American Castle Mystery series is one fraught with decisions. Where will the characters hang out as they leave the Thousand Islands and to which American castle shall I send them. There are so many to choose from. Will they go by boat, train, plane, automobile, or motorcycle? Will there be romance? How much intrigue is too much? Is that really possible or has your imagination gone too far?

By the time November 2019 rolls around, Lord willing, I should have answers to those questions, and many more. In the meantime, check out The End Of Things At Dark Island. It's anything but the end, at least for Howard and Effie.

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