Monday, December 10, 2018

Moving Chapters and Paragraphs

 As the novel goes through the editing process this month, one chapter at a time, it's already apparent that chapters needed to be moved and additional pages added to help Howard and Effie on their journey to solving the mystery. 

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Take for instance the gap that materialized. The story needed help in making a smooth transition from 1906 to 1952. I know it was a span of forty-six years, but in words that gap isn't as difficult to bridge as you might thing. A line of text here, a new paragraph there, some interesting new details, adding a bit of description, showing changes in technology. It all helps.

Rest assured, Howard and Effie are making progress on solving the mystery, or at least forcing some things to come to light that were once hidden on Dark Island. I have confidence in them. But one big question remains unanswered.

Where will they head to next?

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